Improved Road Map coming soon!

🐧 Road Map 🐧


Q4 2021

  • Website launch

  • List project on Nft Calendar, and other NFT calendars

  • Get verified on all major marketplaces

  • Release rarity chart

  • Weekly giveaways

  • Mint in December

Q1 2022

  • 5% of mint to charity, that is chosen by the Icy Penguins community

  • Icy Penguins to be listed on

  • Airdrop to the Icy Penguins holders

  • A new NFT collection drops in march 

  • Hire a team to help with future project

Q2 2022

  • Airdrops for Icy Penguins holders

  • Beginning of Icy Penguins metaverse